Victoria Beyond the Grave

Haunted Activities in Victoria, Texas.


The story behind the haunting of Sutton’s Mott stretches back to the 1850’s and a cantankerous old man named Bill Sutton. Bill was a goat herder, much to the chagrin of the nearby cattle ranchers, but his wealth allowed him to finance business dealings with the neighboring ranches. His miserly approach to these business dealings, combined with his quick temper and even quicker draw, led to many disagreements.

It was during one such fight that guns were drawn and by the time the fight ended Sutton’s opponent was laid low.

His opponent’s son, upon hearing of his father’s death, swore he would get even with Sutton. The following Sunday Bill Sutton was shot while walking up the steps of his church; he died alone laying on the stone steps.

Bill Sutton had amassed a certain wealth during his various business dealings and with no surviving family or friends, the secret location of his treasure died with him. This has led many a treasure hunter to search Sutton’s Mott for the box of gold that’s supposedly buried beneath one of the ancient live oak trees.

Immediately following Sutton’s death his ghost took up residence in the mott. People traveling through the picturesque stand of trees have long witnessed odd sights and events. Stories abound of ghostly figures hanging in the trees and of dogs and horses refusing to enter the area.

Now considered the one of the most haunted locations in Texas, Sutton’s Mott is a reminder of a different time in Texas’ history.

About the Lodge

In 1909, Dr. George McAlpine Tyng, the “gentleman dentist” of Victoria built the first country club in Victoria at Sutton Mott. At that time, the distance from the heart of town was too great for prospective members so after a short life as a club, Dr. Tyng converted the structure into a home for his family. For over a hundred years this craftsman style building with divided light windows, ceder shingle siding and exposed timbers sheltered the Tyng family descendants.

Today it has been meticulously renovated with new wiring, plumbing and air conditioning and heating. It now functions as The Lodge at Sutton’s Mott, a place where small groups and families can gather together and stay over as well.

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