Victoria Beyond the Grave

Haunted Activities in Victoria, Texas.

George Hermann Hauschild built this impressive structure 1893-1894. The opera house occupied the top two floors, Hauschild Music Company and Hauschild Appliance Company occupied the bottom floor. At the northwest corner of the building was the Opera House Saloon, operated by Massimo Tasin. An unfortunate addition in 1950 dramatically altered the building. Hauschilds went out of business in the 1980’s and the building was converted to a restaurant, then a religious bookstore, an antiques mall and is now an events venue.

Recent occupants have heard furniture being moved upstairs in what was once the balcony. Investigating the sounds, the tenants found the upstairs empty. Additionally, the adding machines would sometimes go haywire, spitting out rolls of paper on their own. Opening for business in the morning, antiques dealers would find broken items even though no one was in the building overnight.